First things first.  I gotta give everyone the low down on what this is and why I did it.

When something sports-related surfaces around me, I always seem to gravitate to it.  Before you know it, I am a part of the conversation (whether I was meant to or not) and am giving my thoughts, stats, and predictions.  The ability to talk fluently about sports is something that i consider myself highly proficient in.  When it comes to hoops, you may not find another dude that does more watching, reading, and rooting than myself.  I have my own thoughts and opinions, but I also like to hear what others have to say.  I’ve had my fair share of long-winded, heated battles with close friends.  This is an outlet for myself and those who decide to follow (which i hope is many) in which I can give my thoughts and hear what others have to say and think about them.

The Buzzer Beater is meant to be all things sports.  BUT, I’ll be straight up with everyone, there may be more basketball talk than other sports.  I will do my best to keep football and baseball in the mix as much as I can.  The Irish are a never-forgotten thing with me, so there’s no hiding that will be a heated debate at some point.  I want to make clear though that this is a blog.  I post my thoughts and I want to hear others,  both the compliments and the refutes.

Each game of basketball starts with an allotted amount of time prior to the game in which each team gets to prepare themselves for the game, both physically and mentally.  (See, here I go already with the basketball metaphors).  Although this blog wont have much physical preparation, it does have a large amount of mental.  This initial post is me getting my jumpers in, working up a sweat, and taking off the warmups.