Heaven on Earth.

God’s Country, Notre Dame.

University of Notre Dame.

All of these are what I call the greatest place on Earth.  South Bend, Indiana.  As anyone who knows anything about football would know, this is where the FIghtin’ Irish play.  In honor of Week 1, Texas Week, I will be giving my preview on the season and the first game of the holiday we call Notre Dame Football.

First things first.  Yes, the Irish were screwed royally when they had 5 of their best players in their respective positions, two of them seniors, get in trouble with the law.  As we all know, run-ins with the law are not taken lightly at the greatest college on Earth, especially for athletes.  The so-called grace for athletes does not apply in Northern Indiana, just ask Max Redfield.  This does hurt the Irish, who were coming off one of the most abysmal injury seasons to-date.  The “Next Man Up” really rolls over from last year after the recent arrests.  The defense will definitely take a hit with the suspected suspensions that will take place, although it has not been determined just how long these will be for the youngsters that were involved.

Week 1, Texas Week.  You know my overall prediction.  Another ass-kicking by the Irish. This time hopefully more than last year’s 38-3 win.  I do think that this game will get the Irish off to the much needed start they need to get the season going.  I am saying 35-14, with Texas playing a little better and the Irish getting all the kinks out in Game 1.  Kizer will prove to be “QB1,” as I have thought that he should have been the starting QB since last year.  Josh Adams will show out, proving that he is going to be the next great RB to head out of South Bend on their way to playing on Sundays.  Lastly, Brian Kelly will show the country why he is one of the best coaches, dealing with nothing but filling in the gaps since early last year.

Now, for the questions that will be answered in the first week.

  1. The Receivers- This will prove to be the biggest factor in the success of the Irish all season long.  With a lot of new faces, there is plenty of stepping up to be done.  A lot of veteran leadership will be needed by Soph CJ Sanders and Tori Hunter JR.  There is no question that both Kizer and Zaire will be throwing the ball in every direction to these guys.  It’s a matter of them being able to snag the ball in game situations that will lead the Irish onward to victory.
  2. Secondary- The most devastating part of the season last year, the Irish need to have a healthy secondary to make any noise this year on a national scale.  The suspension of Redfield and the dismissal of Butler prove that the rest of the team gets an opportunity to prove themselves.  If the secondary can reduce the number of long ball plays from last year, they have a shot at doing some big things.
  3. QB Stability- The media has made it their mission to prove the pitfalls of a dual-QB offense, but Brian Kelly is out to prove them wrong.  This stability over the course of the season will be one of the things that allows the Irish the chance in the CFP.  Zaire and Kizer have been voiced in their not-so-fond belief of the dial threat system.  They will be cordial in the meetings leading up to the season, but watch out if things do not go as planned for one of the highly recruited QBs.

The season will be one for the ages.  With a schedule that has a few top-tier teams and the rest being very favorable games, Kelly’s team has a legitimate shot at making the College Football Playoffs.  My prediction, a undefeated season.  I know, surprise right?  With half-bias and half-seriousness, the schedule for the season is set up to where the committee can respect the wins when they happen, but also have games between that allow for tune-ups.  Although there is the elephant in the room of the trip up games that have plagued Notre Dame in the past, this season is different.

Texas is a W.  That’s facts only.  I will be tuned in Sunday along with the rest of the world.

Play Like A Champion Today.