Post week 3 and the Irish’s College Football Playoff hopes seem all but over.

After beating Nevada by a large margin the week before, Notre Dame was unable to perform on the big stage in front of millions in primetime.  Michigan State, the rival from East Lansing, MI came to town and showed the Fightin’ Irish exactly what their weaknesses were.  Take one guess.  THE SECONDARY.  This will be the problem the rest of the season for the young guns on defense.  Play after play it seemed like Michigan State was toying with the inexperience of the Notre Dame secondary.

Most would have thought the game would have had a much different outcome in the first 45 seconds, as CJ Sanders took one all the way to the house on the first play from scrimmage.  That didn’t last long, as an illegal Block in the back penalty brought it all back.  From there the game kept on that same note, as the Irish could not sustain drive after drive.

By halftime, it was apparent they were in for a fight and it was a matter of who would break it open first would take home the W.  Guess who did? Yeah, Sparty.  ND should have asked the officials if they could not even step on the field in the 3rd quarter.  The score ballooned into a 36-7 blowout before the quarter even ended.  Play after play went to the house and the Irish fans began leaving and heading to their homes as well.  For some reason, Jordan (My Girlfriend) and I stayed.  We kept giving them the benefit of the doubt as I said numerous times, “Let’s see what they do this drive.”

Slowly but surely, they started to gain the momentum and had a few scoring drives.  Going into the 4th, we had a 3 possession football game and you were unsure if they were going to turn the corner or keep up the terrible play.  Here again, the Irish brought it to 36-28 with the ball and a chance to tie the game.  My heart, along with 80,000 others were hoping for a score and a completed two-point conversion.  We wanted free football!  Unfortunately, God’s Country, Notre Dame was not that fortunate on September 17th as they were unable to score and the Spartans ran out the clock.

I had to leave Notre Dame Stadium with another loss under our belt in the early season. This is something that I would have never guessed this early on in the season, but I think I am right in saying that nobody, not even the Irish haters, thought this would be the case.

The trip to the College Football Playoff may be over, but I still have hope that the Irish can salvage the season and get back on track with a few wins and a victory against the Cardinals in South Bend.

Don’t worry, I will be there next weekend for Duke and will be there for the showdown with Stanford.  I am making a prediction now.  The Irish will be on a win streak come Stanford and it will only continue post-game.

God’s Country, Notre Dame.