In midst of the abysmal Week 4 loss to Duke, the Fightin’ Irish are now the Fallin’ Irish.

Fallin’ through the standings that is.

This past weekend, Notre Dame showed why the phrase “Defense wins Championships” is true.  The defense, barely even existent, gave up 38 points to a really bad Duke team.  I mean hell, ND was favored by 20.5 points in the week leading up to the game.  There were obvious problems on that end of the ball, but the offensive side proved to be promising.  Kizer did what he always does, stays effective and allows the team to be within reach at the end of the game.  The tough part here, usually the defense are the ones who keep the team within reach and rely on the offense in the late minutes.  With the Irish, things are a little different.

This past week’s loss gave me insight on a few things, some that I like, some that I do not like.

  1. Van Gorder is gone- THANK GOD.  The man has averaged giving up 30 points per game as a D Coordinator.  I don’t think any coach who has that title will have a job very long posting those numbers.  I will say, the move came sooner than I expected.  This happened in large part due to Kelly receiving a lot of heat over the season and his job, so this was a sort of “saving grace.”
  2. Kizer is most likely gone- After this season, I would not be the least bit surprised if Deshone Kizer’s name is being talked about on Draft Day (Drake voice).  His stock has done nothing but rise since the day he threw a bomb to Will Fuller in Charlottesville, NC.  NFL scouts should be drooling over the 6’4 mobile, gun-slinging QB.  With a season starting this bad, there is no telling where it will go.  Kizer will see this as a chance to go and not risk another bad season in South Bend.  I hate to say it, but trust me, it’s likely to happen.
  3. The offense is VERY promising- At the beginning of the year, the big questions were the defense and the WR position.  Well, the WR position has proven to show a tremendous amount of promise and youth.  Most notably, Equanimeous St. Brown is the man on campus.  The 6’4 monster doesn’t miss much that is thrown his way and Kizer is showing off his favorite target.  As of late, Corey Holmes, Kevin Stepherson, and Miles Boykin have proven to round out this fantastic youth-driven core.  This question has been answered and the Irish do like that these guys are going to be around for next season.
  4. Brian Kelly- Most ND fans don’t want to see a season start like this, but it may be the most beneficial for Kelly and the Irish.  I think that BK was starting to feel a little too comfortable after taking his team to the National Championship a few years back and being as high in the rankings as they were the last few years. The Notre Dame fans have been wanting that National Championship again, but the University itself was perfectly fine with Kelly’s performance, as was he.  With a rough start to this season, there have obviously been some chatter behind the scenes about the length of kelly’s stay.  This will bring out the most in him, as he understands the need to win within the next season.

Don’t get it twisted, I want them to win more than any other fan.  I have been in South Bend for all of the home games this year and have seen one win and two awful losses.  I want them to be on the map and relevant in the top 5 just like they were previously.  First, I think that the staff and the players need a little fire under their ass to remind them what they are there to do.  Win Championships, not top tier recruits.

Four weeks into the 2016 season, that fire is lit under every coaching staff and player’s asses.

Onward (And Hopeful) to Victory.