The train came rolling through East Rutherford, NJ and it called all Irish Wide Receivers as passengers.

DeShone Kizer made sure that he was operating this train that had 471 yards passing.  They marched up and down the field without much regard for the defense of Syracuse.  Kizer showed off why he is the No. 1 rated QB on Mel Kiper’s Big Board.  The man threw every pass imaginable and made it look like he was playing 7 on 7.  The good news is that the Irish beat the team they should have, unlike the week prior against Duke.  The bad news?  The defense was just as awful as ‘Cuse.  Oh yeah, and the Irish could have put up 72 points, but only had 50.

Now, the Irish had PLENTY of chances to punch the ball in for 6 when they were in the Red Zone and only came away with a turnover or a field goal.  It is hard to complain about a team that throws up 50 and wins, but anyone that watched the game would agree that there should have been a lot more points scored.  Kizer, being the sensation that he is, said much of the same in his post game press conference, where he said that it was the sloppiest game he has ever played.  Brian Kelly was happy about the win, but the miscues and the sloppiness is not a good sign.

Here is where we get to the good part. The defense.  The worse part of this team, hands down.  I am going to throw something at the readers that many may question and few will agree with.  THE IRISH DEFENSE PLAYED BETTER.  Yes, they gave up 363 passing yards and 126 rushing yards.  But, they played better.  Greg Hudson did play cheerleader more than he did D Coordinator, but it showed results.  I saw more flying around, more emotion, and more emphasis on the defensive end that I have seen the four games prior.  There were guys getting sacks, breaking up passes, and rushing through the line and stopping plays in the backfield.  For this reason, the Irish improved on the defensive end.

I know that all of you are wondering why in the hell I would make a statement like that.  I mean, anyone who was watching the first half saw zero defense.  There was pride and in the second half, good team or not, they shut down the quick-running offense of Syracuse, stalled them and let the offense solidify the lead.  I am on the bandwagon for Greg Hudson, but only for the rest of the season.  I pray that Notre Dame and the athletic department understand that this is a band-aid for the remainder of the season and by the start of next year we will have someone else in that role.

On to the next week. NC State week.  I believe that we will see much of the same.  A whole lot of ND offense and not a lot of defense.  NC State has put up 30 or more on every opponent this season and I wouldn’t expect much less on this week’s final score.  The only difference may be that Kizer, EQ, and the gang may put up 62 this week.  EQ and Kizer have showed the country why they are “young guns” on the rise.  Filling up stat sheets like we are playing video games.  With this said, the success is going to come from the O again and Kizer has to be the one who shoulders the ability for this team to win.  Just as I mentioned in my post last week, this teams defies all principles as the defense will not win them any games, much less a championship.  This team relies on the offense.  Flat out.

This week, 52-24, Irish.  Good luck stopping my man DeShone.