Well, this season is more than over.

To my readers, you are either jumping with joy at this Irish debacle, or with me in despair.

Brian Kelly has shown that getting the top recruits in the country is only half the battle.  There really is an element of coaching within college football, which some think is gone.  Take a look at the game last Saturday against the Wolfpack.  Most would think that during a hurricane, there should or would not be many passes thrown.  Well, Brian Kelly defied all odds when he passed more times than he ran the football.  This has gotten him so much scrutiny that many fans and analysts want him out of a job.  The rain-soaked game was nothing short of a football game played in a pond.  DeShone Kizer was asked to throw the ball more times than he should have.  Even Tom Brady couldn’t have passed in those conditions and many consider him to be Jesus in a football jersey.

Fact of the matter is, Notre Dame’s season is over and the only hope is to improve game-to-game and try to develop the young guys to be ready for next year.  There is one thing for certain, the more the Irish lose, the more likely DeShone is gone.  He has sky-rocketed up the draft boards and is projected to be the first QB taken in the draft.  This season only solidifies his reasoning as to why he would leave.  The best all of us Irish hopeful can root for is that the young defense gets better and the second and third string QBs are ready to go for next season.

With Kizer gone for next year, we need to relish in the highlights that are to come for the remainder of this season.  We also need to understand that there may be some very big changes that occur at the end of this season leading into next.  Brian Kelly will either be gone, or have a new staff with a big name Defensive Coordinator as his right hand.  My prediction, BK will have a new D-Coordinator by the start of next season by his side.  He has shown that the offense can consistently be at the top year in and out, no matter who they have.  The one thing that he doesn’t know?  Defense.  He does not have the ability to coach the defense to help win games, which is why he promoted the defensive analyst to D-Coordinator to bring some “energy.”  This has been made apparent that a new face needs to come in and restore this defense to the way they were a couple years back.  Look for a change there, or Brian packing his things and sending out his resume.

I will be in South Bend this weekend, rooting on the team I love.  I am not sure how the game will end up, so I am not going to even try to give a prediction of the score.  I believe for the year I am 1-4, which is only solidifying my lack of prediction this week.  I want a win more than anyone under the lights in God’s Country, Notre Dame.  I am hopeful, but not holding my breath.  The only thing that I can ask is that I don’t have the same weather that the Fightin’ Irish saw in Raleigh, NC last week.