Plain and simple, there is a lot to look forward to in this year’s World Series, whether you are baseball fan or not.  All you have to do is turn on your TV for an hour to hear about the possibilities for both teams, Cleveland and the Cubs.

It’s no joke that this one was far from predicted when the year started, or even midway through the season.  Cleveland took the MLB by storm.  They have done nothing but make a mockery out of the AL all through the playoffs.  There is something going on in Cleveland that only the professional teams know about (except for the Browns).  Nothing short of fantastic, as the Cavs have brought home their first title to Cleveland and the Indians are back in the mix since over a decade.  But, in the same year? Now that is something special.  It will be interesting to see if the home-field advantage for the Indians will prove to help them enough to finish off the streak that they have started during the playoffs.

Now, onto the more exciting story and the team that myself and the rest of the world is pulling for.  The CUBS.  Nothing short of a fantastic season, they have made themselves known, as they have battled injuries and a slow start to become the NL Champs and continuing on their heroics into the World Series. Which is somewhere they have not been since 1945.  The mix of young, postseason inexperience along with the veteran pitching core has proven to be a fun, effective lineup that is a force to be reckoned with.  Not many thought that they would have such success and the curse would live on, but they are out to prove everyone wrong and pave the way to history yet again. Watching guys like Baez and Bryant out playing free and clear of worry or previous year’s woes is something special.  Then tack on the experience and World Series champion Jon Lester and you have a great mix of experience and young talent that can take you to the promise land.

Either way we are going to see history of some sort no matter who wins.  Opening night of the Cavs season and ring ceremony just so happened to fall on Game 1 of the World Series. In Cleveland.  That should be one hell of a time for anyone who lives in Cleveland and likes sports to any degree.  Then go to Chicago, where they have been waiting for this day for over a lifetime.  When the games are played at Wrigley, Wrigleyville might as well be the most densely populated area in the entire United States.

I am excited to watch this series unfold, as I really do think that either team has a legitimate chance of taking it all, since Cleveland has the home field advantage.  Here is my prediction.

Cubbies in 6.

There is too much history going on for the streak to fall short.  The Cubs and the fans cannot wait any longer.  Watching the NLCS last night though the TV was so loud that I thought that I was there real time and hearing the same sounds that I would have if I were inside.  Jon Lester, Hendricks, and the gang will perform the same way that they have all season.  Exceptional.

Needless to say, LETS PLAY BALL!