There is always conversation about who is the best coach in the country.  Analysts, fans, and coaches alike all vote and give their personal opinions on the matter.  This is something that few agree on, but many debate.  I am going to do my best to put and end to the talk!

Below is the tier of coaches and where they stand in the ranks. (My opinion, of course).  The first five are the top tier. These are the guys who can be in any spot 1-5 depending on who you ask.  The only thing not in question is that they are a top 5 coach.  I also want to clarify, this is the top COACHES, not the top players or teams in the nation.  These are the guys who can consistently develop their players and make them play together to achieve the highest achievement, a national championship.

Top-Tier Coaches

Mike Krzyzewski- It goes without saying that Coach K is at the top of this list.  The 36-year Duke Blue Devils coach has recorded 5 National Championships, 12 Final Fours, 12 ACC Regular Season Titles, and 13 ACC Tournament Championships.  His time at Duke has been nothing short of magnificent, as he has created an environment at Cameron Indoor that opposing teams hate to play in.  Along with his magnificent college career at Duke, he has coached the USA national team as well.  Coaching and making the best NBA players is soemthing that takes great skill.  Coach K has seen player after player, year after year go on the NBA and be successful.  This year is no different.

Tom Izzo- Michigan State is no slouch no matter what their record is coming into Big 10 tournament play or The Big Dance.  In 21 years at Michigan State, Izzo has led Sparty to 1 National Championship, 7 Final Fours, 7 Big 10 Regular Season Titles, and 5 Big 10 Tournament Championships.  It goes without saying that he is the all-time wins leader at Michigan State.  To say Izzo coaches his team through seasons is an understatement.  He ensures that he plays the toughest quality of opponent through the season to ensure the experience and ability to win games in the tournament in March.  Guys like Draymond Green, Zach Randolph, Gary Harris Jr., and others have come through East Lansing, MI and left a better player and person.

John Calipari- Many may argue with me on this one, but this guy deserves to be here.  Not known for his coaching, he is able to recruit great player after great player.  Not only does he get them to come to Lexington, he coaches them to play together and to distribute the ball they way needed to make the team successful.   IN 7 season with Kentucky, he has led them to 4 Final Fours and 1 National Championship (2012).  He has produced a number of one-and-d0ne NBA players that have turned into superstars in The Association.  John Wall, Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, Trey Lyles, Karl Anthony-Towns, and the list goes on and on.  His time with players isn’t that long, but I think that only proves the point that this guys can coach and do it quickly and efficiently.

Bill Self- There is no question with this one.  Self and the Jayhawks have DOMINATED the Big 12 ever since he arrived in Lawrence.  Self, the 13 year coach of the Jayhawks, has 1 National Championship (2008), 2 FInal Four appearances, 12 straight Big 12 Regular Season Championships.  That last stat is not a joke folks.  Any coach that can win the conference 12 straight years is definitely doing something right!  Self has done nithing but make Rock Chalk Jayhawk a name to be reckoned with year in and year out.  The man in the Big 12 only stands taller and taller year after year he wins the conference and moves into the Big Dance.

Tony Bennett- This may surprise many, but this guy is a top 5 guy.  You wanna know why?  Name me 5 players under Tony Bennett.  Exactly, it is very difficult.  With this said, Virginia is consistently in the top 10 each year and is a team that nobody wants to try and score against.  In midst of playing in the ACC with the likes of North Carolina and Duke, he has won 2 ACC Regular Season Titles and one ACC Tournament Championship in just 7 years at Virginia.  He has a team that is centered around their defense, something that few teams focus on anymore.  He also prides his teams on the most efficient teams in the country on the offensive end, although they do not put up a ton of points.  Bennett deserves this stature simply because of the quality of teams he has year in and year out without the same top-notch recruits that the other four coaches mentioned get on a yearly basis.

These coaches can very easily be moved around in any order.  Of course there are some that come close in this category, but may not have made the list.  I urge you to think about what they have done over the course of their coaching career and on a yearly basis, rather than every other year.  I know many will have their refutes, but I encourage that and to give some insight on why they feel that way.