It goes without saying that this season means a lot for not only both these teams, but for the players on each team as well.  Curry and LeBron are trying to make statements on their careers.  Oh wait, I almost forgot.  Durant is as well.  I mean, that’s the whole reason that he left OKC and came to play with the Warriors.  So the question arises, which team NEEDs this season more?

Cleveland Cavaliers


It’s clear that LeBron is the best player in the world.  After brining a championship trophy back to Cleveland, the rest of his time is directed to solidifying his name atop the greatest to ever play the game.  And yes, surpassing the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan.  Nobody can question the greatness he has in leading his teams to 6 straight NBA Finals.  That’s correct, 6 STRAIGHT.  There are guys that have not even made it to 1 in their career, much less 6.

LeBron needs another championship to keep his trek towards MJ going.  Only championships will help him now, as his numbers are just as good if not better in every category.  The only thing holding him back are the number of trophies.  So for that reason, the Cavs need this year to prove that they are the best and LeBron can be in the conversation with MJ.

The Cavaliers also need this year.  A organization that has been in the pitfall of The Association for so long, they need a continued success and back-to-back would prove nothing but that to all .  With a team so young, it only makes sense to have another.  Why?  IT keeps everyone happy and nobody will want to leave Believeland.  When teams are winning championships. players don’t want to leave for more money.  They will be satisfied with what they have made previously because they know that they will be in the mix to play in the NBA Finals each year.

The Cavs need this championship, both for the organization and for LeBron.



Now, everyone knows that the Warriors want and need to redeem themselves this year.  It goes without saying that being the 1st team to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals has created some sense of urgency and need to win again.  The good news is, they were able to land a pretty good All-Star in Kevin Durant.  he definitely helps things in this pursuit of another championship.  Everyone on this roster knows that anything less than making it to the Finals again and holding that Larry O’Brien Trophy is considered a failure for this season.

Individually, there are a few who are looking for this championship to ensure their name and stature within the League.  Namely, Kevin Durant.  He received so much criticism in his decision to sign with the enemy that beat OKC a year ago that he absolutely needs to win this championship.  The man has done everything short of winning the ‘chip that makes this situation so easy, but also so difficult at times.  He is a multi-year All-Star, former MVP, and a scoring champion.  He left OKC to have his ring and Golden State is the best place for this to happen.

Steph Curry.  The story of the young guy who was overlooked all through his career, until now.  He is a household name and every kid wants a Steph jersey to wear to school.  People said that he isn’t the best player on the team.  He wasn’t the one who willed his team to the O’Brien Trophy the first time they won it.  He has so many great players around him that he’s overrated.  He definitely has something to prove in winning another championship.  Yes, it will be with the addition of Kevin Durant.  But, something has to be said for a guy who is on the team and clearly the best or 2nd best player on a team that has been to the Finals for 3 straight years possibly?  I think so.  And most knowledgeable people would agree.  If you think that he doesn’t have something to prove by winning another, then you are flat out wrong.  Steph wants nothing more to redeem himself and go for another trophy and solidify himself as one of the greatest of the era. It is difficult to win one championship, but it is even more of a challenge to win 2 or more.

Lamp’s Outlook

If you ask me, the Warriors are the clear team who need this championship this year. It is imperative for the sake of the Warriors that they redeem themselves.  For the Cavs and LeBron, they have done the tough part, winning #1.  If they didn’t win it this year, fans in Cleveland would be reminiscing on 2016 and looking forward to next year.  Warriors fans would be in a different place should they lose another chance at the trophy.  A failed year for the Warriors puts into questions whether or not their big core would be staying when each of their shot a free agency comes up.  Obviously, Steph is guessed to re-sign.  Nobody really knows what Draymond and Klay might do if another year of failure comes and large contracts arise with other teams.  We all know that people do not like taking a back seat to stardom, which is exactly what each of them have done with the addition of Durant.  Also, KD might be looking elsewhere should things not pan out the way he thought they should with his addition to the team this year.  He left an OKC team with Russ that was battling for the best in the West each year and jumped ship for the rival.  Who is to say that he may not do this again should things not go their way?

There is finally another rivalry in the NBA that matches some of the early 90s.  Cavs and Warriors Christmas Day will be a showdown.  Should they both make it to the Finals again, watch out folks.  This season holds more of an impact for each team than people realize.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.