Much to everyone’s suprise, the Big East has proven that the new teams are on the rise.  A few years ago, the Big East looked far different and had a pedigree of nothing but tourney team after tourney team.  Then, the ACC took all of their teams.  

Once the ACC reformatteed and the Big East was diminished, the rebuild began.  The conference resctructured and thus began the New Big East.  It took a few years, but once the conference solidified, nothing but great things began.

This year is the cumulative product of what this conference has to offer.  In my opinion, they are the best conference in basketball and here is why.

They have the defending National Champions for one.  Duh!  Villanova won it all last year and is well on its way to proving that it is has a great chance to repeat.  In midst of drooling over Nova, don’t forget about all the other great teams in there too!

Xavier is next.  A team that has shown that consistency can make you a great team and give you the country-wide notoriety that is needed to be a team in the Big Dance each year.  This team is readied for a chance at the Final Four. Robbed last year on a last second shot by Bronson Koenig, the Musketeers are back and ready to make a run at Nova in the conference and prove that they are a team for the FInal Four.

Creighton.  The Blue Jays are the most recent additon to the conference and have one of the best graduate tranfer rosters in all of the country.  Add that in to a good recruiting class and you have a team that is ready to compete.  This year.  Watch out for Creighton to shake up the conference ranks and p[ull a couple upsets during tourney time.  There is no quetion that they will be there, but it will be a matter of how much noise they would like to make. 

Lastly, the Butler Bulldogs.  Hinkle Fieldhouse is one of the toughest and most historical venues in all of college basketball.  Once again, another team taht has a great mix of young talent and a experience with seniors and graduate transfers.  The Bulldogs are going to be a team to compete with within the conference and no matter who goes to Hinkle, watch out.

Don’t forget about all of the individual talent that is spread across the teams.  There is a number of big time NBA prospects that will be in the 2017 NBA Draft.  A large portion of these will be heralded with individual honors for their play this season.

All these teams are ranked or have been ranked in the top 25 early this season.  Tell me another conference that has this?  Maybe the ACC , but we all knew that the top couple would be in the mix.  With early losses by Duke, Louisville, and North Carollina I would love to have the argument of which is better the ACC or Big East?  

Let’s hear it!