I had the pleasure of reading this article that CJ wrote in The Players’ Tribune.  McCollum has been breaking down guards he has played against and letting all of the fans a little insight as to what makes them so good.

This was a great insight for myself to really understand what makes each of these players so great, but also so different in their styles.  To me, a guy who understands how his opponents are and have a sense of understanding that those who he plays against are great for a reason goes a long way.  Not to mention, CJ is one of the young stars in THe Association that has a LOT of potential to grow in Portland.

There was one statement that he made that really stuck with me.  He said, “Because in the NBA, even if you know everybody’s game, most of the time there’s nothing you can do about it.”  This is something that I think many people who follow the NBA don;t realize.  These players are the best in the WORLD.  There is a reason why there have only been less than  a couple thousand players to every suit up and play.  With this said, some things cannot be guarded.

Cj outlines each players game.  Chris Paul, Steph Curry, Tony Parker, and James Harden.

Each of them do have their own unique styles that allow them to be so dominant.  For example, CP3 makes his living off the bounce, in pick and roll plays with hesitation moves.

Steph, loves the off the bounce and transition pull ups.  He has also created a floater that few can emulate and nobody can guard.

Tony Parker, makes his living off quickness, change of speed, and the mid-range.

Last but not least, James Harden.  We all know that he is going left, but who can guard?  The man of ISO, and the man of the step back.

I really respect a guy that is so young, but can realize that there are some things that are out of control within the league.  The best that you can do is improve your game.  On the defensive end, there are times in which you will have to shrug off great D and realize that your man made a tough shot, or had a hot night.

CJ’s article shows a lot about the process within the NBA as well. It is not as easy as becoming a superstar with just some athletic ability or a smooth jumper.  There is an understanding about the game and how individual players and teams play that makes you that much better of an overall player.

No matter if you like the NBA or not, CJ McCollum’s article here is a good one.  There are a few more which I will be writing about here soon as well.  These are way too good not to mention!

CJ, appreciate the insight my man.