I have to first apologize to all of my readers, as I did not keep my word early in the Irish season. Telling the fans and followers, large or small, that I would do a recap every week and living up to that is unfathomable. I attribute this to the one point loss versus Georgia.

I have not fully recovered from that loss. Being there and seeing the game unfold left me with a long, 4 hour drive back home with my dad thinking about all the ways the Irish could have pulled out the victory. Brian Kelly is my main person to blame. Why you might ask? Decision making once again. My parents told me when I was young that if you continually do something and it fails, try something new. Brian Kelly needs a conversation with my parents.

Late in the 4th Quarter with about 6 minutes to go, the Fighting Irish got the ball and ran 3 straight run plays and punted. 3 STRAIGHT RUN PLAYS. I wish I had a picture to show the look on my face. Kelly is notorious for trying to run clock on close games and it failing. Multiple times. But yet, we still see the same BK making these crucial decisions this year.

On the up side, I have declared that I am one step closer to being a celebrity magnet. By no means am I claiming to be one yet, but after running into David Robinson last season before a game and seeing Jerome “The Bus” Bettis at the Georgia game, we are gettin’ there folks.

Picture for proof

This was a highlight, as many people weren’t able to get this close to the former ND running back. ✅ another one off the list!

Enough about the loss, let’s move on to week 3

Holy rushing attack! I haven’t seen an Irish team be that dominant on the ground in let’s see….ever! My goodness Brandon Wimbush and Josh Adams proved to be some quality horses within the run game stable. The Boston College defense isn’t great, but they are solid, so seeing how they tore them up shows some promise for the rest of the season. Nobody knew Wimbush would run for 207 yards and 4 touchdowns. Adams led the team with 229 yards rushing.

Now, I’ll get off the positive train and be a little more realistic. The Irish were in a tight one for majority of the game. The run game didn’t really take off until midway through the 3rd quarter. That is the scary part.

The part that gives me nightmares? The pass game. Nonexistent. I have not witnessed a Brian Kelly-led Notre Dame team not pass this much or throw it down field in a long, long time. Kelly is known for taking chances and since giving up the offensive play call, there hasn’t Ben much of that. Receivers look mad and can’t get open, and Wimbush misses throw after throw in 20-plus yard situations. I’m still wondering if EQ is still on the roster 3 games in!

All in all, week 3 gave us another W, which is why the Irish need and what Kelly needs in such an important season. Run game was great, pass game needs revamped. Week 4 is Michigan State, who always brings a challenge to ND. Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary, but I’m guessing there will be a lot more of the run game on Saturday.



Another night game on prime time is just what this team needs to prove the Georgia game was a decision making nightmare and this team can battle. Defense will win this one

Oh yeah, and check out this video for the sheer amount of Georgia fans in South Bend two weekends ago.

As always, GO IRISH 🍀