Readers and followers, I apologize for the delay in posts on the blog. It has been a busy few months and for that I apologize! .

As for the writing, when I am sleep-deprived taking the 12AM shift so Jordan and Maddox can get some rest, I plan on being more apt and available to throw in a post.

With this said, our recent trips to visits and hospitals through the pregnancy I was able to finish one of my favorite books. Unscripted: The Unpredictable Moments That Make Life Extraordinary hits so close to home and the respect and admiration I have for Ernie Johnson Jr. only grew more from what it already was before the book.

I think Amazon’s description of the book is spot on “…anyone who loves stories about handling life’s surprises with grace”. Myself having been through a lot of adversity and hardship in the last two years, this gravitated to me. I grew up watching and knowing who Ernie Johnson was from all of my NBA watching late at night when the house was quiet and I was supposed to be in bed for school he next day. The only other thing I knew about Ernie was the luxury he had working alongside Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Little did I know the off-air situations and struggles his family endured through this very tough time.

For anyone who has been through what my family has, or something similar to it, the amazing pride and gratification you receive from having a child is unimaginable. This is something that as a society, we all take for granted. Some of us are not able to have this luxury, no matter how hard we try. My family personally had struggled with this exact scenario.

We had just lost our twin boys and were looking for something that could keep us hopeful. We understood our chances of having a child of our own again was minuscule, as doctors told us we should look into adoption or potential surrogate. It wasn’t until we found out we were expecting again early in 2017 that this all changed and our hope became to have simply one successful pregnancy. Just one.

These are the types of struggles that Ernie outlines in the book and dives into asking each reader to consider their own struggles. Ernie and his wife were having trouble getting pregnant with their second child and decided to go look into adoption in Europe. They found their match, a kiddo named Michael who was neglected due to his disability. These are Moments Ernie outlines as “blackberry” Moments. The ones that you will remember forever, or on the surface may not mean much but can stay with you forever and end up teaching you more than you asked for.

Ernie goes on to explain that the hardships you are dealing with currently could always be worse, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He mentions his battle with cancer as well and he human thought to keep it personal, but then his brain reasoning that isn’t logical. Ernie and his family ended up growing not only by the one they adopted, but 3 More adoptions and another of their own. Unscripted takes on a down-to-earth, personal outlook on life and how Ernie Johnson Jr. specifically has handled his many hardships.

Simply said, this was another great read! One that fulfilled the need to be knowledgeable on the page, but more than that in my heart as well. It brought me a sense of understanding and humility with what has happened to know that this all has been leading to a greater good.

And as I type this today, that greater good is the birth of my son Maddox. Through all the hardships and doctors and people telling us not to try, we have a healthy, beautiful child we get to raise on our own. For that, I feel this book has impacted me in more ways than another “page turner”. Clearly, this was a “blackberry” moment for myself

I challenge my readers to find something to read in the coming weeks and give it a shot. Good, bad, or no feeling at all, picking up a book can allow your mind to work in different ways and see things through a lens you never saw before.

Land of course, give this a read if you want! It doesn’t disappoint!