Uninterrupted: Rudy Gay Interview

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks for myself and my family, with the birth of our son Maddox. I haven’t done much writing. With that said, I have been doing more surfing the web when Mad Man is sleeping for the few hours we have during he day.

I took the time to scroll through Uninterrupted, the website that I had never scoped it before. I do have to say. I was impressed!

Upon reading through, I cane a cross the upper link to a video in which Rudy Gay touches on his recent injury and what the process looks like to play again

For those who don’t know, Rudy Gay has been a upper-class player for his whole career. He has the knowledge, skills, and confidence hat makes him one the best. As you can imagine, Rudy Gay tore his Achilles recently and has not played for quite some time.

The above interview goes to show a person is only as strong as his mind. Rudy Gay made sure to have a strong mind and work ethic through it all and has turned him into the role player that he is today. His career has been able to be prolonged because of his ability to see where his valued would be most utilized and focusing on that.

Too often I think the public and media take for granted just all professional athletes do have to endure at times. For example, Gay was regarded as an elite player at one point in his career. There came a time where the “elite” status was no longer evident and he had to focus on what made him most valuable to teams. This is something people in all work divisions and walks of life can learn from. The ability to adapt and make yourself the most valuable.