July 1st marks a great time of year for all NBA fans.

It marks the first time that you haven’t been depressed all summer since the Finals ended. NBA free agency is the spotlight into next year that every fan and media member wants, so they can speculate what the season will turn out like for 3 more months.

But this year is different.

LeBron James is on the market. It’s even more intriguing since his team was swept in the 2018 Finals, too. It’s rumored that he is out, and everyone has their take on where it is he’s going.

In addition to James’ free agency, other All-NBA players are free agents as well. Paul George is a very hot topic of conversation, as well as the debacle in San Antonio with Kawhi Leonard demanding he be traded.

All this leads to drama and speculation for weeks and hours on who’s going to go where and whether or not the teams have the cap space to do so.

The Buzzer Beater is going to break it down simply, with our own insight and predictions.

1. LeBron finds a new home.

2. Paul George returns to his hometown (LAL)

3. Kawhi makes his way to the Lakers, for a cheap price.

4. Rockets lose Ariza AND Capella.

5. Boston stays put and keeps all assets.

Let’s talk about a few of these. LeBron James WILL NOT return to Cleveland after last year. His legacy is too far in question. He will ensure the saga continues by going to either the Lakers or the 76ers and trying to find his way back to the finals with another team. There are too many questions and speculations about his legacy for him to continue on with the increased wear and tear on his body simply for him to know he was the only one who could contribute.

The Kawhi situation has everyone intrigued. Although on the surface it appears Kawhi has the control, he doesn’t. The Spurs do surprisingly because they have to trade him before he can leave. They want to maximize their assets they get in return, which allows them to offer a lot and get back some good pieces. Some of them could be Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Lonzo Ball. Should the Spurs receive them, this trade would be far too appealing for both sides to decline. The Kawhi trade has many people saying is the first piece of the puzzle for a LeBron commitment this year.

Paul George is looking to maximize his potential as well in free agency. After a mediocre year with a mediocre team, the Thunder definitely underperformed from what everyone else thought. With that said, PG opting out shows he wants either big money from OKC, or Big money from another team like the Lakers.

All this and a bunch more free agents are going to start here in about 3 hours, so buckle up and get ready to move fast with lots thrown your way. The biggest thing? Where does LeBron go that shakes up the entire NBA dynamic.

Stay tuned.