Nobody thought Day 1 of the NBA free agency would bring such chaos to many and happiness to few.

BUT, we also got what we all wanted. LeBron James to another team. And not just any team. The Dynasty that is NBA Basketball, that everyone always refers to when speaking of one of the greatest franchises. The Los Angeles Lakers.

I know there are plenty of other signings and deals that took place, but cut the shit, we all only cared about this one. This LA signing for Bron TOTALLY changes the layout of the NBA and the Western Conference.

All I gotta say is, buckle up.

Let’s back track to the rest of the signings before we dive into the Bron situation.

Chris Paul- signs a max deal with Rockets. No surprise there, except I would have thought he would have taken a bit of a pay cut to ensure the Rockets had space to keep Ariza.

Trevor Ariza- OUT. This is a huge blow with his 1-year deal with the Suns, as the veteran wing man was their best perimeter defender.

Nikola Jokic- signing a max with Denver. Everyone Knew this was coming. Nuff said.

Paul George- Inks a long-term deal with OKC that ensures him there for 3 more years with Russ. (The specifics of his contract is another story) thanks Bill Simmons for the insight.

Ilyasova & Belinelli gone- The two veterans for the 76ers leaving does hurt. Although the thought was to let them leave so Bron could come, we all know it didn’t play out as planned.

DeAndre Jordan- FINALLY. He made his agreement come full circle. The big man signed a 1-year test run with the Mavs to see what they can do and hopefully sign another big name next year.

Now, back to the real conversation.

LeBron to LA.

What does this mean? Many are asking since the PG/OKC thing went down so quickly. This means Bron wants to be in LA for a while AND Magic has a few guys already wanting to come. The first piece of the puzzle was getting LeBron.

Here’s my thought. Kawhi is coming. There are trade specifics that have to be ironed out, but Kawhi has all the leverage here and he’s made it known he wants back in Cali. Also, Clint Capella is your newest Laker. Ironically, Capella met with Lakers officials earlier today before Bron made his announcement. I think both these guys fit well with why Bron does, and Lonzo is the perfect PG for it all.

Now, the Lakers will have to give up quite a bit for Kawhi. I’m thinking Kuz, Ingram, Lopez and/or a pick or two.

With all this said, by day 2 of free agency we may see most of the guys off the board and the NBA literally being worried about only by Western Conference teams.

Day 1 was chaos and a whole lot of fun, now I’m ready to see what day 2 holds in store.

“Mama there goes that man!” -Mark Jackson