Of everything that could have happened the 2nd day into Free Agency, NOBODY thought DeMarcus Cousins would be headed to Golden State.

But, he is.

“Boogie” Cousins blew up the NBA landscape yet again by choosing to go to GSW for a discounted 1-year, $5.5 Million deal. In a day where 16 hours had been dominated by the Lakers, showing they can attract names as long as they have LeBron, the road just got even more tough for anyone else in the NBA.

Earlier today, the Lakers solidified their roster by adding Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, and they let Randle walk. All this seemed like great moves, until Boogie signed to the Bay.

Also, Randle needed up signing with the Pelicans. This is a good substitute to losing Boogie, as this adds some young talent to the Pelicans roster again.

Derrick Favors re-signs a large deal with Utah, shaking up things a bit. Everyone thought he would be out, but Utah offered a alternate offer he couldn’t pass up.

Up until 8PM, the top-tier NBA teams seemed to be shifting. Then the Woj-Bomb threw down and since we haven’t been able to go back.

Back to the Boogie signing. What people don’t realize is that this signing was all created by KD signing for less to create cap space. This one-year deal enables he Warriors and Cousins to do a “trial run” year and see how things go. Should things go well, don’t be surprised when the Warriors go WAY into the luxury tax to ensure this dynasty reigns forever.

Let’s get back to this year though. What an upgrade at the position! Everyone knew this was their weak point and with JaVale leaving, it got thin. And to do this for less than what they could have got McGee with, the masterminds appear to be Bob Meyers and his front office group.

People are going to complain about how the NBA is stupid and no longer fun to watch. YEAH RIGHT. Things just got that much better! Who doesn’t want to watch a fantastic team play every night and play with the potential to be a long-term dynasty (more than they already are). Realize that nobody was watching the Pels all season prior to the signing. Now, everyone is watching the Warriors.