I apologize in advance for my lack of blog last week, the beers flowed early and often and I couldn’t seem to get my mind off the biggest game of the year.

It panned out great though, as an Ian Book nobody has seen before stormed onto the scene in South Bend.

Many worried about his ability to replicate what he did against Wake Forest a week prior against a Stanford team everyone knew would be ready to play.

Book was above expectations last week, putting up big numbers. 24/33 for 278 yards and 4 TDS. 38 points against a Stanford defense many thought would shut down Book. Along with Book came the Irish D, who to nobody’s surprise, were fantastic and shut down The Cardinals to only 17 points.

What am I getting at? The Irish have a new QB.

NOW, tonight in Blacksburg will be a different environment for Book. Expect some initial woes, but I fully expect him to settle in and not miss a beat. Va Tech, with Josh Jackson out, will struggle to compete against a very strong Notre Dame D. This will cause a lot of problems in Blacksburg for the home team.

Here’s a Hot Take. Notre Dame comes out big against the Hokies.

Expect Book to have a similar stat line, with big receivers making noise against VaTech’s D. Dexter Williams will have himself a field day as well, with his coming out party last week most likely earning him the majority of the touches this week.

As always, the Irish will win. By how much? 31-14