Well folks, this time of year is one of the bests (in my opinion).

College basketball is in full swing to fit, with a huge slate of games, none bigger than the Champions Classic. Kansas-Michigan State and Duke-Kentucky.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What more could you ask for.

The Top Is By Itself

We all know the big names: Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and Michigan State. The result? The top teams are expecting to stay that way this year. The “Blue Bloods” are quality and don’t have a lot of questions, Simply besides freshman minutes and experience.

I’m personally excited to see the middle ground teams in the top 25 and watch them gain ground as the season progresses. Here’s a few teams I think you should keep an eye on as the season continues into conference play.

West Virginia

Currently sitting at 13 in the AP Poll, this West Va team is going to always be in the mix. With a hall of fame coach in Bob Huggins, the pressure-packed press of the Mountaineers will be a huge concern to everyone in the Big 12. Look for the Mountaineers to be very tough at home and cause havoc in a Big 12 that is in my opinion down from last year.


One of the teams across the nation very much slept on in my eyes. With the addition of a top recruit like Bol Bol, Oregon returns a good portion of their roster to be an impact team in the PAC-12. Look for Bol Bol to make a statement this year of why he’s a one-and-done caliber player.


In my opinion, one of the scariest teams in College Basketball outside of the preseason top 10. This Syracuse team has A LOT of talent, tied with one of the most historic coaches of all-time. Combine those with a gauntlet of a conference in the ACC, and you have a great team come March. Don’t expect Syracuse to run the table, or only have 4 losses, they are going to take some lumps. The finished product of this team could be a problem come March Madness.

Let’s continue.

Conference wise, there’s no question in my eyes who holds the title. This doesn’t change much year to year either.


The best conference holds some of the best individual players AND some of the most complete teams. There’s always the question of a conference can have over 8 teams in the tourney each year. With 7 top 25 teams preseason, this could be a great year for the ACC to flex its muscles.

Player of the Year

I’ll be honest, I have no idea. I think there are obvious choices in Williamson, Barrett, and PJ Washington.

I could keep naming them, but the top-tier guys all on the same team don’t always stay at the top of the Player of the Year list.

What I’m excited about, ALL THE DAMN BASKETBALL.

Love to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this season but the Duke vs Kentucky game is coming on, I gotta check out. ✌🏼