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A little about me.  Avid sports fan.  Check.  Basketball enthusiast.  Check. Former basketball coach and Xavier University grad, I have a much higher interest in basketball than I do any other sport.  Next up, the Irish.  College football is what keeps me sane during the offseason of the basketball season, where I get to see the beloved Irish play against all those other teams that don’t really matter.

The blog entails a lot and I intend on keeping that ever-growing.  I will write personal blogs, but I also will have some other unique posts to go along with those.  Good Reads, for example, are books that I have read that I think that others may like if reading is something you enjoy as much as I do.  The Players’ Tribune is another reading source I love to read about.  What is better than the personal insight form individual professional athletes?  I mean c’mon, man that’s awesome!  Lastly, I love to hear back from others.  If you know me, you know that I enjoy talking back and forth with others that may not see the same side of the story as me.  That’s the beauty of writing and sports is that there is ALWAYS another viewpoint or side you never thought of.  So please, enlighten me as well with your feedback on posts or by contacting me directly.

This blog is meant to follow its name.  Everything sports related up until the very last second, which for most sports enthusiasts like myself, never seems to hit 0.0.  All things sports are free game, but possibly more posts about some rather than others.  I keep things honest and encourage the “other side of the story” (that’s you).  Let me know what you agree and most importantly, disagree with.  Enjoy!

“Booyah!”  -Stuart Scott




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